Measles Outbreaks Continue To Spread In U.S.

( – The United States has been dealing with a growing issue concerning Measles and the spread of the disease across states and school systems.

The United States has seen cases in 17 states and health officials are trying to get a handle on the rapidly spreading virus. This has led to health officials asking Americans to double-check their vaccinations and make sure they are up to date, including the Measles vaccine.

Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said “This is why it’s urgent for us to sort of address vaccination so that we can really decelerate sort of the march of measles, given the global scenario as well as what we’re seeing with some vaccination rates in the country.”

Investigations are ongoing in order to determine demographic trends of the virus and although the cases continue to rise, there is not enough information yet to determine these trends. However, Daskalakis said that most of the cases are linked to Americans who travel, are not vaccinated, and are coming back with the virus.

“Measles is an easily preventable disease with a readily available and safe vaccine. And so, as we are seeing more cases in the U.S., we have the technology and the ability to be able to prevent measles,” Daskalakis stressed.

The CDC came out with a statement that stated if Americans are unsure about their vaccines, to visit a doctor at least six weeks before they travel to get up to date, if necessary.

As of now, there have been cases in many states across America with Illinois, specifically Chicago, having the most. They have had twelve cases in the last few weeks, ten of those were at one migrant shelter. Health officials praised Chicago because they decided to bring in the CDC to help handle the cases they were seeing.

Measles is extremely contagious making it easily transmittable. Staying up to date on your vaccines is the best way to ensure you don’t contract the virus from someone else.

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