Meta Unveils AI Team To Help Prevent Misinformation

( – According to Meta, they are putting together a team to combat misinformation and dangers that are associated with artificial intelligence.

With artificial intelligence becoming so popular and rolling out in many different areas of technology, there is a growing concern over misinformation and harm, and how big companies would prevent that when utilizing the capabilities of AI. Due to the upcoming European Parliament election, Meta is developing a team that would be dedicated to combating misinformation and threats.

Meta’s head of EU affairs, Marco Pancini, outlined what this group’s responsibilities would be, saying, “EU-Specific Elections Operations Center” would focus on misinformation, influence operations, and risks that could potentially come from AI with the help of experts throughout the company.

According to Pancini, “Ahead of the elections period, we will make it easier for all our fact-checking partners across the EU to find and rate content related to the elections because we recognize that speed is especially important during breaking news events.”

To combat AI, Meta is developing tactics, and one of them is to allow users to label when they share AI-related content whether it be video, photo, or audio and there could be possible penalties for those who do not comply.

Continued Pancini, “We already label photorealistic images created using Meta AI, and we are building tools to label AI-generated images from Google, OpenAI, Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney, and Shutterstock that users post to Facebook, Instagram, and Threads.”

There has been great concern when it comes to the role of AI and what influence it can have when it comes to spreading misinformation and swaying the opinions of voters in elections. Meta was a part of a group of large companies including Google, Microsoft, X, and Amazon who signed a pledge that they would clamp down on AI content that could potentially mislead voters.

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