Most Powerful AI Job Might Just Be A Figurehead?!

( – The newest artificial intelligence job is being referred to as the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO) and it might not be as beneficial or powerful of a position as it may seem.

This new position has increased in popularity across many companies and is said to have tripled in just five years. As companies, businesses, and tech experts prepare for the future of artificial intelligence, they’ve found that the CAIO position, along with engineers and AI researchers, is the most urgent hiring position.

However, many experts and even Chief Artificial Intelligence Officers themselves have said that putting this position in an organization without a proper foundation can be harmful to the business. Nick Elprin, works with AI as the co-founder and CEO of Domino Data Lab, and he spoke out about the job position.

Elprin said, “The most common problem I see is the expectations and responsibility that are put on the chief AI officer aren’t matched with a commensurate degree of authority.” He continued, “Otherwise, there’s just a figurehead being asked for advice, but they’re not able to control their destiny.”

He also said that you can’t hire someone who is experienced solely in technology for this role; they need to be able to talk to people about the technology in a way that they will understand and absorb.

Prag Mishra, Chief AI Officer of Armada, a company that builds data centers for AI workloads says, “The way we understand the implications of using AI needs to become clear across the entire senior management.”

Experts have also said that some organizations don’t need a CAIO position right now, but that maybe in the future they would want to expand and add that position as artificial intelligence becomes more popular and their business begins to grow more.

Mishra said, speaking on the position, “There’s somebody who needs to be very much responsible for the implementation and understanding the deployment and the impact.”

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