NASA Convenes Discussions to Decide Approach for Alien Encounter

( – NASA’s Assistant Director of Science Communication Michelle Thaller said on September 3 that the agency has discussed what steps to take if the James Webb telescope finds extraterrestrial life. During a gathering in New York City, she said that the space agency is open to the chance that the telescope could discover evidence of alien existence in the future.

The telescope was launched in 2021. The agency said that day in a statement that it decided to take this step to solve the numerous mysteries surrounding the solar system, as well as looking to distant worlds. The NASA also noted that it launched the James Webb telescope to investigate the origins and “mysterious structures” of the universe.

When talking about this statement, Thaller told the audience that these “mysteries” could include extraterrestrial life. She also explained that the agency is currently working with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, also known as SETI. The assistant director noted that many scientists are currently looking for signs of alien civilizations. She pointed out that signs that could reveal alien life include pollution or microbial activity.

Thaller added that the James Webb telescope has been a success, as it has provided new and detailed images that offer a great array of data to the space agency. She said that NASA receives these images every day and that the $10 billion telescope can even detect gases and chemicals that are located in planets “around the stars.”

In August, the US Defense Department unveiled a new website that will show declassified information on UFOs. This happened after a UFO whistleblower delivered controversial testimony before the House of Representatives in July. This new website will provide videos and photos for users to peruse.

Its existence was publicly announced by Pentagon spokesperson Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder. This happened during a briefing, a couple of weeks after former intelligence official David Grusch said that the Pentagon was covering up evidence related to alien life.

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