NBA Player Speaks Against Nike, Goes Pro-Christian and Anti-Woke

( – NBA player Jonathan Issac announced on August 1 he’s launching a sporting band dedicated to American values and his Christian faith. During an interview at Fox News, the basketball superstar said his brand will be named UNITES, which he described as an alternative to “woke” brands like Nike.

Isaac became famous in 2020 as he decided to stand during the United States national anthem, in a moment when NBA players were kneeling every time it was played during games. He explained his decision to stand during the anthem as a sign of respect, and that developing this new clothing brand was “deeply” inspired by Christianity.

Isaac said on “Fox & Friends” that he never thought that wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt or kneeling during the anthem would provide any solution. He explained he never wanted to align himself with this “movement,” and noted that he always felt that the “true answer” to all problems was Jesus Christ’s gospel. The NBA star said all he has done is stand up and share his vision.

When asked about “woke” companies, Issac said that purchasing items from them is the same as supporting the progressive messages and “leftist policies” they endorse. The Orlando Magic star said he’s creating this new brand to give Americans who believe in freedom the opportunity to “buy with their values.”

The NBA player explained that his company stands for what he considers the three most important values of the United States, which are family, faith, and freedom. He announced that the initial clothing line will feature leisurewear and that his main goal is to offer a sneaker he’ll be wearing in the next NBA season. Isaac also noted that he hopes to offer his clothes for different sporting disciplines and cater to adults and children.

At the end of the interview, the Orlando Magic star told “Fox & Friends” that he doesn’t hate or go against anybody. Isaac pointed out that all he wants to do is say that “our values” can be celebrated and are “valid.”

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