Oregon’s Decriminalization Law Results in More Homelessness?!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Oregon had a law passed three years ago that decriminalized small amounts of drugs from marijuana and crack to the lethal fentanyl, and this has resulted in a huge amount of homelessness in the state.

State leaders have spoken out saying that this law has ruined some areas like Portland where they have seen a huge surge in homeless people using drugs on the streets. David Baer, Portland Police Officer said “We’re out here every day and we write the same ticket. Some people, sometimes multiple times a day.”

Many are looking for the state to give more authority to police officers when it comes to this situation and law advocates say that it’ll take more time to fix this problem that has been growing for years now.

Haven Wheelock, the executive director of a non-profit called Outside In said “What we know is that putting people in jail has never been an effective way to treat people with substance use disorder.”

The Oregon drug law called Measure 110 was the first drug decriminalization that included drugs besides Marijuana and pushed for health-based approaches instead of prison time for addiction. The main group behind this movement is the Behavioral Health Resource Network which helps provide services and help to those struggling with addiction and substance use.

According to Baer, when someone is caught using drugs, they can be charged with a misdemeanor and a fine of $100 but they also hand them a card with substance abuse information on it and treatment options. “So you call that number, do a health screening and my understanding is they’ll also pay the ticket for you,” he said.

The amount of open drug use has caused a lot of concern for Oregon residents who are seeing a surge in homelessness and drug use.

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