Palestine Supporters Protest Real Estate Event in New Jersey?!

( – Hundreds of supporters for the Palestinians gathered outside of a New Jersey real estate event where Israel organizations are auctioning off real estate in Israel and the West Bank.

The protests happened in Teaneck, New Jersey as hundreds of people stood and marched outside the Keter Torah Synagogue. Multiple Jewish organizations stepped up to organize the protests as they held up signs, beat on drums, and shouted “Free Palestine” in their efforts to disrupt the real estate sales happening.

The real estate company is called My Home in Israel and they have set up multiple real estate fairs, such as this one in New Jersey, all over the United States and Canada. The company specializes in mini penthouses, villas, and luxury apartments for sale throughout Israel and the occupied West Bank. The company claims on its website that someone “can carry out a real estate transaction in Israel, from start to finish, even without coming to Israel.”

According to many, Israel’s settlements and properties in the West Bank are illegal, due to the way in which they acquired the land and the resulting effects. However, the United States has admittedly not been consistent with “international law,” meaning that this Israeli real estate company can legally come to the U.S. to sell their property.

There has been a growing controversy over this event due to the rising conflict and tensions in the Israel-Gaza conflict. Rich Spiegel, a 65-year-old Teaneck, New Jersey resident spoke out about the real estate event happening.

“I think that Zionism is Jewish supremacy and Jewish entitlement and I think that this event is an expression of that. It’s obscene to have an Israeli real estate event while Israel is committing genocide in Gaza,” Spiegel said.

Many have spoken out saying that it’s not appropriate for Israel to use a place of worship to auction off their stolen land. After multiple complaints, the Teaneck township manager spoke out saying “The township has not received any complaints of either local ordinances or state law being broken and so it does not have the jurisdiction to interfere with this private event.”

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