Palestinians Outraged After Program Fails Them

( – Palestinians are outraged after a program that was supposed to move them into Canada is failing them.

Since the war in Israel, many Palestinians have lost their lives, and there has been a lot of pressure to save the civilians who have been affected by the war. Eman-al-Atbash is one civilian who has lost her brother, grandparents, aunt, and brother-in-law to the war.

“I’m scared of losing another person,” said Atbash. “Their situation is miserable. It is cold. My sisters have small children, they are all sick.”

Originally, her family didn’t want to flee from their homes, but after the violence from the war had become unlivable, they were hoping that a new program to move them to Canada would help them escape the violence. However, the program has yet to move any Palestinians to Canada.

Ultimately the program would allow people to apply, and “anchor relatives” in Canada would submit letters and fill out forms about their family members in Gaza, which would then allow them to fill out visa applications.

With this, many people did get to fill out their information and continue to get their codes, but some of them experienced problems such as still not being able to receive their codes or having problems with an “incomplete form.”

Randall Cohn, an immigration lawyer, said that some of his clients have had issues going through the border between Gaza and Egypt, as it is closed, which has delayed progress as many have tried leaving Gaza.

“I honestly believe that it’s a factor of incompetence, not malice,” Cohn said. “I think that they have a mostly automated, very standardized system that is famously run by an AI and that is not very nuanced or very customizable.”

Many Palestinian Canadians said that they feel this program is a scam. Omar Mansour, community organizer, said “We’re left in limbo to the point where people actually are saying that this is a whole scam, just a PR thing so the government can look good.” He continued, “It’s like throwing a bone for a dog. It can’t get more dehumanizing than this.”

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