Pentagon Submits Controversial Review of Afghanistan’s 2021 Evacuation

( – The Pentagon provided Congress on Thursday with different reviews analyzing the disastrous and humiliating withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan two years ago, with the Biden administration offering an unclassified summary where it defended the decisions surrounding this evacuation and blamed the Trump administration for allegedly creating difficult conditions. However, the 12-page outline recognized that President Joe Biden and his administration learned that the exit from Afghanistan needed to be executed earlier.

During a press conference, White House national security spokesman John Kirby told reporters that, over the last few months, different agencies within the Pentagon and the US State Department that were involved in the evacuation have conducted an after-action investigation of this withdrawal. He also announced that classified versions of these reviews will be given to the proper committees in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

The unclassified summary that the Biden administration released defended the decisions around the evacuation and pointed out that President Biden followed the recommendations of military commanders on the operational aspects of the evacuation, including the closure dates of facilities. However, most of the content of this 12-page document blames the Trump administration for numerous issues, including an alleged lack of preparation that President Biden inherited and the way Trump considered negotiating with Taliban leaders.

The summary also pointed out that the Trump administration left the current administration data on evacuation but no plan for execution. It added that the previous administration neglected and even degraded numerous offices, systems and agency functions in its last four years, which represents part of the reason why President Biden wasn’t able to execute an orderly departure from Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan withdrawal in 2021 represented one of the lowest points for any US administration in foreign policy, considering the number of US soldiers and personnel who died in the Middle Eastern nation, and the way it displayed the United States as a weak figure in the geopolitical stage. For many, this situation remembered the Fall of Saigon in 1975.

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