Philadelphia’s Police Commissioner Resigns

( – Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney announced on September 5 that the city’s Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw decided to step down, and will be officially leaving her position by the end of the month. Kenney also said that Outlaw will be taking on a new job with New Jersey and New York’s Port Authority.

In a statement, the mayor said that Outlaw has delivered an efficient and relentless work for the three and a half years she was the police commissioner. He pointed out that Outlaw deserves everyone’s praise as she took this role during an “unprecedented era” of violence in Philadelphia. Kenney then said she played a major role in bringing social reforms to the department after years of gender discrimination and racism.

Outlaw, who was the first black female to assume the role of commissioner in the Philadelphia Police Department, will officially leave the department on September 22. In her new job, she’ll be overseeing bridges, airports, tunnels, and other transportation infrastructure in New York City.

In his statement, the Philadelphia mayor pointed out that Outlaw played a significant role in the city’s efforts to solve its gun violence crisis. He explained that authorities managed to recover a record number of guns in the city during her time as commissioner. Kenney also said that homicides and non-fatal shootings decreased in Philadelphia in a faster and bigger manner than in some other major American cities. However, he pointed out that the city is still facing the challenge of illegal guns in the street, which is currently at a record high.

According to crime data from the city’s police department, there has a been 21 percent drop in homicides in 2023 compared to 2022, when Philadelphia recorded nearly 600 homicides. However, statistics show that before Outlaw became the commissioner, the city annually recorded between 245 to 390 homicides every year between 2007 and 2019. When Outlaw took over, there were 499 homicides in Philadelphia.

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