Presidential Election: Haley vs Trump

Unrecognizable politician speaking at a political rally

( – As the Republican presidential election candidates continue their fight for the number one spot, there are now officially only two more left in the race for president.

Nikki Haley has been waiting for this moment the entire race and recently discussed her thoughts now that it is down to the final two.

“At one point in this campaign, there were 14 of us running. But today, it’s officially a two-person race between me and Donald Trump,” she said in response to many dropouts of the election.

Gov. DeSantis was the recent candidate who decided to drop out of the election and afterward gave his full endorsement to Trump. This follows right in line with what we saw from Vivek Ramaswamy who also recently dropped out of the race to support and endorse Trump.

Because of this, it looks like most of the events happening are in Trump’s Favor.

DeSantis has made things incredibly clear on how he feels about Haley after fully endorsing Trump. DeSantis’s dropout was at the best time to have swayed things in Trump’s favor. DeSantis supporters reportedly voted for Trump as their second-best option, which means the majority, if not all, of DeSantis supporters, will now be backing Trump.

The tension continues as the race gets slimmer and both candidates try to win over each state they visit. In Haley’s case, she is getting support from many college students, so college-heavy states are a possible win for her, and many have found that she’s a choice among people who do not want to vote for Trump.

Not many think that Haley can swing these states in her favor. She has a huge support system in South Carolina where she’s from, but there still may not be much hope, especially as Trump is expected to get the majority of the remaining states.

The New Hampshire verdict will determine the effect of having just Trump and Haley running against each other and trying to pull votes in their direction. Overall, we can expect to see one of these final two GOP candidates, besides independents and Biden, running in the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

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