Pro-Israel Group Spent MILLIONS, Still Lost Election

( – The American Israel Public Affairs Committee is the most powerful Israel group in the United States, however, despite their attempts, they still lost in the recent elections in California.

The AIPAC spent over $4 million in an Orange County congressional race in California to stop Dave Min from making it to the election in November. Despite their expensive attempts, the California senator moved on to the main elections in November, winning against Democrat competitor Joanna Weiss.

Democrats are pushing for this seat as it could help to gain control over the House of Representatives, where Republicans currently have the majority. In November, Dave Min will go against Republican Scott Baugh for the Southern California district.

Officials, including Min himself, are confused as to why this group is working against the current senator now. “Why the hell did you come in against me? We’re trying to understand why,” said Dave Min. “Maybe AIPAC wants a rubber stamp. I’m not going to be a rubber stamp,” he continued.

AIPAC is against those who have been critical of Israel amidst the war in Gaza, but David Min hasn’t said anything controversial or openly spoken about a ceasefire.

There were multiple attack ads towards Dave Min during this election. “Dave Min wants your trust, but Min was arrested for drunk driving, putting us all at risk,” one TV commercial said. The ads were controversial and they created a lot of tension during an already tense race between the two candidates.

Many said that the ads didn’t necessarily make the political outcome any different but that they still may have changed the outcome of Min’s campaign. This kind of spending has been rare in past Orange County and California campaigns because the House seats were mostly Republican, but now with a split, the funding is necessary from their perspective.

“We support candidates from both parties solely based on one criterion – their commitment to strengthening the US-Israel relationship,” said an AIPAC spokesperson.

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