Putin Had Navalny Killed To Ruin Prisoner Swap Deal?!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The allies of Alexei Navalny have blamed Vladimir Putin for his death since they learned of it. They believe that he killed him in order to throw off the means of the prisoner swap in which Navalny would be traded for a convicted hitman in Germany.

A close ally to Navalny, Maria Pevchikh, said that Navalny plus two US nationals were set to be exchanged for Vadim Krasikov who is a Russian security service hitman. Krasikov is currently serving a life sentence in Germany for the assassination of a Chechen former separatist. Pevchikh’s video speech comes right after Yulia, Navalny’s wife, spoke out saying that they would soon tell the world “why Putin killed Alexei.”

“Navalny should have been free in the next few days because we had secured a decision to exchange him. I received confirmation that the negotiations were at their final stage on the evening of 15 February,” said Pevchikh. “I’m telling you this story so that you have an answer to the question of why Navalny was killed now,” she said.

She said that Vladimir Putin couldn’t stand the thought of seeing Navalny free and that’s why he killed Alexei. She said that the plan for Putin was to kill the bargaining object so that Krasikov would be exchanged for someone else instead.

Russian authorities claimed that Navalny fell to the ground and died after a walk at the penal colony where he was held. Navalny was a Russian opposition leader who was facing 19 years in prison for accusations of extremism. There was talk of a prisoner exchange that would involve Navalny, but it was unclear as to whether Putin even agreed to exchange Navalny or not.

Arrangements are being made to celebrate Navalny’s life as well as an opportunity for loved ones to mourn. Yulia Navalny says she will continue fighting her husband’s fight, and she will fight for justice for Alexei and their family.

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