Sanders’ Push To Freeze Aid to Israel DENIED

Details with the Israeli flag on a military medic uniform

( – Bernie Sanders, a presidential election runner, recently motioned to try and freeze aid being sent to Israel. His reasoning for this is to see if Israel has committed a human rights violation.

Essentially, Bernie Sanders is looking for aid to be frozen until the Department of State produces a report within 30 days regarding whether or not Israel committed human rights violations in its war on Gaza. However, the motion was denied on Tuesday when a group of senators completely voted against it.

The results of the vote were 72 senators against the resolution and 11 senators in favor of it, with an overwhelming vote against the resolution it was completely denied. This push for a freeze in aid just shows the amount of concern over what this aid is being used for and how American money might be funding the ongoing violence in Gaza. Many officials, Democrats especially, are looking to discuss the supply of US weapons being sent to Israel.

“We must ensure that US aid is being used in accordance with human rights and our own laws,” Sanders said in a speech about the resolution he pushed for.

Senators spoke out saying that this resolution was not made at the right time. They mentioned that the freezing of this aid to Israel is coming at a time when the country is approaching a more targeted military campaign. This was the main reason that Senators denied his resolution.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said, “This resolution is not only off-base, it’s dangerous. It sends absolutely the wrong signal at the wrong time.”

The United States has been a huge helping hand for Israel as they have sent $3.8 billion in military assistance and Biden is looking to get Congress to approve an additional $14 billion in aid.

Sanders still stands behind this solution even after the vote didn’t turn in his favor. “Hundreds of thousands of children in Gaza, innocent children, are starving right before our eyes. We cannot turn away. We must act…Tragically, despite the efforts of the UN and others, despite the growing humanitarian crisis we are seeing, the situation has actually gotten worse in terms of getting aid to the people in need, to these children,” Sanders said.

The White House rejected his approach and said that it was “unworkable” as the Biden Administration continues to attempt a de-escalation of the war on their own terms, that is by pushing Israel to reduce civilian casualties.

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