Saudi Crown Prince Claims They Will Build Nuclear Arsenal

( – Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman confirmed on September 10 that the Saudi Kingdom will seek to acquire a nuclear arsenal in case the Iranian regime manages to develop one. During an interview with Fox News, bin Salman suggested that a civilian nuclear program could eventually be diverted to military purposes if Riyadh feels under threat.

When asked about the prospects of Tehran developing nuclear capabilities, the crown prince told the network that Saudi Arabia feels worried about watching any country in the world getting a “nuclear weapon.” However, he noted that if Iran does develop its own nuclear arsenal, the Saudi Kingdom “will have to get one.”

According to different reports, bin Salman’s words put into question a possible nuclear cooperation between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Some Senate democratic allies of US President Joe Biden have already claimed they wouldn’t approve an agreement that normalizes diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel if this includes nuclear cooperation with Riyadh. Many of these senators have claimed they don’t trust bin Salman’s intentions if the Saudi Kingdom is allowed to develop nuclear capabilities.

Back in 2018, the crown prince made a similar warning, claiming that his country would need to defend itself if Iran became a nuclear power in the Middle East. Despite these remarks, many media outlets have revealed that the Biden administration started to make efforts to materialize a Saudi-Israeli deal since day one. The first contact between Riyadh and Jerusalem started during the Trump administration, with bin Salman saying that a full diplomatic relationship between the two Middle Eastern nations was getting closer.

During the interview with Fox News, the crown prince said that while he still believes this could happen anytime soon, the treatment of Palestinians remains a crucial issue to be solved. When asked about this matter, bin Salman told host Bret Baier that the “Palestinian issue” is quite important and is currently being discussed with Israeli officials.

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