Sen. Murphy Claims Pence Knows Very Little about Gun Violence

( – Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy blasted former Vice President and presidential candidate Mike Pence on August 29 on the topic of gun violence in the country. Murphy said that Pence’s proposal to execute the death penalty against arrested mass shooters only shows his “ignorance” on this “delicate” issue.

During an interview at CBS, Murphy said that this proposal reveals that Pence has a poor understanding of the “gun violence epidemic” that the United States is suffering. He then said that the vast majority of mass shooters in the country are usually “engaged in a suicide attempt. The Democratic senator said this is the main reason why Pence is wrong, as he pointed out that the presidential candidate believes that mass shootings will go down if the gunmen are threatened with violence. When asked to elaborate, Murphy said that those who commit these acts aren’t afraid of violence as they are already “seeking to die.”

Over the last few months, many GOP leaders have accused Murphy of being a radical gun control advocate in the Democratic Party, as Murphy has made some controversial proposals in the past. The liberal senator has led different bipartisan attempts to pass gun control legislation in the upper chamber.

The Connecticut senator also said that the “most important thing” the United States can do right now is to guarantee that mass shooters can’t buy military weapons. He stated that if any politician wants to look for an efficient way to solve the problem, they have to agree to get semiautomatic rifles and weapons out of the hands of criminals.

In the final part of the interview, Murphy said he believes that the GOP is about to experience a “change” on this topic. He explained that Americans will see more Republicans supporting significant changes to the United States’ gun laws. He said this is because they know that most voters have “decided” to support an assault weapon ban and universal background checks.

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