Sexual Orientation Can Be Talked About in Florida Classrooms?!

( – According to a new Florida law, sexual orientation and gender identity can now be spoken about in classrooms.

Florida originally prohibited the instruction and discussion of these topics in early grades in a law that was passed a couple of years ago. This law was confusing to many teachers as it was unclear if they could openly identify as LGBTQ+ or put up rainbow flags in their classrooms without punishment.

Once Florida passed this law, many other states such as North Carolina, Arkansas, Indiana, and Alabama passed a similar law to Florida. According to the new law, Florida school districts would be receiving a letter that states that Florida law doesn’t prohibit conversations about LGBTQ+ people and that it doesn’t prevent anti-bullying rules when it comes to a particular subject.

Roberta Kaplan, one of the lead attorneys in the case, said, “What this settlement does, is, it re-establishes the fundamental principle, that I hope all Americans agree with, which is every kid in this country is entitled to an education at a public school where they feel safe, their dignity is respected, and where their families and parents are welcomed.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that this was a “major win” for the law to stay intact. There was plenty of controversy surrounding the law since it created several discussions surrounding parents’ rights and educational freedom. Republicans felt that these conversations should be had with children by their parents and not in the classroom.

However, the law created many gray areas where teachers weren’t sure if they could display photos of their partner on their desks; lines in musicals that mentioned sexual orientation were removed, and books in the library that discussed it as well were taken from the shelves.

Some tried fighting the law saying that it was unconstitutional but a ruling last year by a judge said that they didn’t have grounds to sue or to hold a lawsuit about the current law in question.

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