Texas Continues to Load Migrants onto Buses

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott announced on September 22 that he directed the state’s Department of Emergency Management to send more buses with migrants to El Paso and Eagle Pass to send them to sanctuary cities. Abbott also said he expanded the scale of operations to move these illegal immigrants out of Texas, adding these two border towns to the list of departure points.

During a press conference, the Republican leader claimed that US President Joe Biden’s “continued refusal” to solve the border crisis is allowing thousands of people to illegally cross into the country every single day. He said this is the reason why he decided to take this step, which he described as an efficient way to provide “much-needed relief” to those communities that are overrun and “overwhelmed” by this crisis.

When asked when he would stop this measure, Abbott told reporters he would keep deploying as many buses possible to sanctuary cities until the president upholds the “constitutional duty” to secure and protect the United States’ southern border. He also noted this is currently one of the few actions that can “relieve the strain” that the illegal crossings cause in many Texan communities.

The governor’s announcement came after Eagle Pass Democratic Mayor Rolando Salinas said that nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants crossed into the city in less than 48 hours, and thousands more will do the same over the next few days. During an interview with Texas Public Radio, Salinas claimed that the city has never seen so many people crossing in and gathering at the international bridge without consequence.

On September 24, El Paso Democratic Mayor Oscar Leeser said at a press conference that this city has come to a “breaking point” where it doesn’t have the proper resources to deal with the current influx of migrants. He also claimed that everyone in the United States needs to understand that the country has a “broken immigration system.”

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