Thousands of Foreign Nurses Leaving UK to Work Abroad

( – There seems to be a huge surge in nurses who are leaving the United Kingdom to work abroad, which has caused a huge amount of understaffing of nurses in the U.K.

These nurses are looking for higher-paying jobs elsewhere which is what has led many nurses to seek work outside of the country. The number of nurses moving out of the country has doubled in the past year which has left many hospitals understaffed and scrambling to fill spots.

Most of those who are quitting and moving out of the country are heading to the United States, New Zealand, or Australia. They’ve said that the pay for nurses in these countries can be up to double the amount that they were being paid in the U.K.

King’s College London’s Dame Anne Marie Rafferty, who is a professor of nursing studies. said: “Worryingly, it feels as if the UK is perceived not as a high- but middle-income country in pay terms and as a staging post where nurses from overseas can acclimatize to western-type health systems in the search for better pay and conditions.”

Many have said that if the United Kingdom wants to be looked at as a career spot for nurses and not a stepping stone, then they need to make it a good place to work for all nurses all the time. According to the reports, losing these nurses has cost the NHS a lot of money due to the cost of replacing them.

The NHS has made promises to many of the nurses in England by saying that they would be given a pay raise, bonuses, non-monetary incentives, and extras for nurses in England.

“We also delivered on our commitment to recruiting an additional fifty thousand NHS nurses six months early, and the first-ever long-term workforce plan will provide the biggest training expansion in NHS history,” they said.

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