Trump Lashes Out At Former Press Sec. Over Petty Issue

( – Former US President Donald Trump blasted on Tuesday his former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for what was considered a big mistake live on air. Basically, Trump accused her of providing “wrong” poll numbers during a Fox News appearance, where she was talking about the Republican Party’s primary.

On his Truth Social account, the former president said that McEnany “gave out wrong poll numbers.” After calling her “Milktoast,” Trump claimed he’s currently leading Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by 34 points instead of 25. He also took the opportunity to call the Florida leader “DeSanctimonious.”

After that, Trump wrote that while having a lead of 25 points “is great” since it’s a big distance, “it’s not 34.” He then said that her former press secretary knew that the number she provided was fixed by the organization that conducted the poll. Finally, the former president said that Fox News “should only use real REAL Stars!!!” and that McEnany should join the globalists and “RINOS.”

The controversy started when McEnany told host Jesse Waters that polls in Iowa revealed that DeSantis was getting close to Trump after announcing his presidential bid. This comment created confusion as it was unclear which poll she was referencing. After all, the poll that gives DeSantis more chances has pointed out he’s 26 points behind the former president. The vast majority of polls show a difference of between 30 and 45 points.

Far from being a surprising situation, this isn’t the first time Trump clashes with a former member of his administration. After all, many of these former members have expressed discontent and strong disagreements with Trump over the last few years. This situation started after the Capitol riots, as many of these claimed that the former president had a lot of responsibility for what happened that day. In fact, many Republican leaders who used to be Trump supporters became anti-Trumpers from that moment.

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