Trump Thinks a Shutdown Will Defund His Prosecutions

( – Former US President Donald Trump called on GOP representatives to let the government shut down to sabotage the criminal cases against him. In a September 20 Truth Social post, the former commander-in-chief made reference to the September 30th deadline to pass a funding bill, and pointed out that Republican leaders needed to defund what he called a “weaponized government.”

He justified his call by claiming this is the last chance to defund the “political prosecution” that the Biden administration has executed against him and many other “patriots.” He also accused the government of refusing to close the border and treating half of the United States as “Enemies of the State.”

The Republican leader also said that congressional Republicans need to use the “power of the purse” and defend the country. Despite his call, different reports have reported that a government shutdown would not be able to block any criminal proceeding against Trump. His indictments in Georgia and New York wouldn’t be affected, while the federal ones have been excluded from past shutdowns for being criminal matters.

In 2021, the US Department of Justice published a memo where it notified that criminal litigation would continue without any interruption, even during shutdowns. The agency also pointed out that litigations will continue as these are essential activities not only for the protection of property but also for the “safety of human life.” Moreover, the Justice Department added that the Congress and Senate wouldn’t face disruption either.

The former president’s demand comes at a moment when House Republicans keep struggling to agree on a way to avert a government shutdown by the end of this month. Considering that a shutdown won’t stop criminal proceedings against the presidential candidate, some Republican representatives are making efforts to insert provisions in government funding legislation. These are aimed at limiting and even defunding law enforcement from investigating Trump, as they claimed that his indictments are part of a political persecution against him.

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