Trump’s Lawyers Use SCOTUS Rulings to Discredit Smith

( – On December 20, Former President Donald Trump’s lawyers used previous Supreme Court cases in their effort to discredit the request of DOJ’s Special Counsel Jack Smith to speed up Trump’s appeal in his election subversion case.

Trump, who is the favorite to win the GOP nomination, is currently entangled in different criminal charges, to which he has already pleaded not guilty. One federal case against him, which was filed by the DOJ in Washington, DC, stems from the special counsel’s probe into the January 6 Capitol Riots. The former president’s legal team tried to stop the subversion trial, which was scheduled to start on March 4, 2024, by claiming that the Republican leader had presidential immunity. Nevertheless, Judge Tanya Chutkan ruled that Trump wasn’t immune from prosecution, even when he held presidential office at the time.

While the former commander-in-chief appealed her ruling, Smith asked for the Supreme Court to hear the appeal to keep the trial date, bypassing the regular step in the US court system to have an appellate court hear the case. Trump’s lawyers weighed in on the special counsel’s request, arguing that he gave “no compelling reason” as to why the top court should accelerate their client’s appeal process. The lawyers also used a previous ruling by the Supreme Court to explain there must be a “prudential standing” for the high court to hear a lower court’s ruling.

The legal team also argued that the special counsel’s request seemed to be based on a “partisan motivation,” considering that the trial would take place during the campaign season if everything proceeds “as scheduled.” They also suggested that Smith made the request to guarantee that the presidential candidate would face a long criminal trial.

Authorities indicted Trump in August on four federal criminal counts on the case, all related to his activities surrounding the Capitol Riots, which started after the former president’s “Stop the Steal” speech.

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