Twitter’s New Name Raises Concerns with Hundreds Owning Similar

( – According to a Reuters July 25 report, Elon Musk’s decision to rebrand social media giant Twitter as X could have some legal complications. The news agency explained that other tech juggernauts such as Microsoft or Meta already have some intellectual property rights to that letter, which could end up raising the chances of a legal feud.

The report points out that the letter X is so widely used by so many companies and platforms around the world that Twitter could face many problems defending its new brand shortly. In an interview with the news agency, trademark lawyer Josh Gerben said there’s a “100 percent chance” that somebody will sue Twitter over this. He also said there are currently over 800 active trademark registrations in the United States that use the X letter in numerous types of industries.

Also, a trademark lawyer at the law firm Loeb & Loeb Douglas Masters said that Twitter will have a difficult time protecting a letter. He noted this is because the letter X is popular commercially, and the company’s protection might be confined to similar graphics to the new “X logo.” Masters also explained that Twitter’s protection will be “narrow” as its new logo doesn’t have “much distinctive about it.”

Musk decided to rename the social media platform on July 24 and even released the new logo, which is an artistic version of the letter X in a monochromatic form. Right after unveiling the new logo for Twitter, experts claimed that trademark owners could easily claim infringement in case another branding would confuse users.

Since 2003, tech giant Microsoft has owned the X trademark in every communication related to its Xbox video game console. Moreover, Meta Platforms owns a federal trademark it registered back in 2019, and it covers a letter X for fields that include social media and even software.

Gerben explained that these two companies won’t sue unless they feel that Twitter’s new logo becomes a potential threat to their brands’ reputations.

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