U.S. Spy Plane Reported

(AmericanProsperity.com) – North Korea’s Kim Yo Jong, who is the sister of communist tyrant Kim Jong Un, announced on July 11 that an American spy plane entered the nation’s economic water zone. She told North Korean state media KCNA that these aircraft allegedly committed these illegal acts on eight different occasions on July 10. Jong claimed that the situation didn’t escalate as North Korean warplanes repelled “the American threat.” However, she warned of “shocking” consequences if Washington kept conducting reconnaissance operations in the zone.

In a statement, the governments of South Korea and the United States dismissed Jong’s accusations. Washington and Seoul also urged Pyongyang authorities to refrain from any type of action or narrative that could raise animosities between the three nations.

During her interview with the KCNA, Kim Jong Un’s sister and one of North Korea’s main foreign policy officials said that the country’s warplanes prevented “chaos.” She explained that a “shocking incident” would have taken place in the area, and accused Washington of “habitually” intruding into the economic water zone.

Before Jong’s comments, the North Korean Defense Ministry published a statement where it accused the United States of violating the airspace. It also said that the North Korean forces would be authorized to shoot down any American aircraft if the situation continued.

In another statement, deputy Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh said that North Korea’s claims on the violation were “just accusations.” She pointed out that the Biden administration is committed to “safely and responsibly” conducting flying and sailing operations wherever international law allows it.

A spokesperson for the US State Department named Matthew Miller also said that Washington is urging Pyongyang to refrain from any “escalatory action.” He added that the North Korean regime should engage in “serious” diplomacy instead of using incendiary rhetoric.

Finally, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff spokesperson Lee Sung Joon said at a briefing that the US had never flown any espionage aircraft into North Korean territory. Joon added that the US and South Korea’s military were conducting regular reconnaissance operations.

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