Ukraine Claims New Missile Decimated a Russian System

( – Ukraine’s Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov said during an August 27 press conference that a new missile used by Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian air-defense system. Danilov told reporters that the attack took place in Crimea’s western region on August 23.

The Ukrainian official also noted that the attack against the S-400 “Triumf” Russian air-defense system with the new missile was executed “flawlessly.” He also noted that the Ukrainian military has been gaining victories on the front, and added that Russian forces won’t be able to bend Ukraine “to its knees.”

While no Ukrainian media outlet offered any detail about this new missile used at Cape Tarkhankut, intelligence reports suggest that the missile was a Neptune anti-ship cruise. This is a domestic-made missile that Kyiv has been using over the last few months to attack targets located in the Black Sea.

Ukraine’s military intelligence agency said a couple of hours after the attack in the Russian-controlled peninsula that the air defense was “completely destroyed.” The GUR agency also said that the attack managed to neutralize Russian military personnel and many Russian missiles. Following the statement, GUR published a video on its social media platforms where a large explosion can be seen. However, independent media outlets said it was difficult to determine if the explosion in question was caused by the Ukrainian missile attacks.

The Kremlin seized control of the Ukrainian peninsula back in 2014. While Moscow’s claim over this territory to the south of Mainland Ukraine hasn’t received international recognition, Russia has governed Crimea from that moment. Meanwhile, Kyiv has vowed to retake this part of the country and has even upped its military operations against Russian forces in the territory since the start of the counteroffensive back in June.

While this counteroffensive has achieved some victories recently, military experts have said that the operation remains slower than expected. They also pointed out that the next months will be decisive.

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