Viral TikTok Star Brings Light To Financial Schemes

( – Viral TikToker Tareasa Johnson came to the short form video platform to share her story on how she was deceived when marrying a man she was in a relationship with. Her story went completely viral as people were keeping up with her series of videos that included over fifty different parts of her story.

She titled the series “Who TF Did I Marry” and she revealed the intense crazy things that she went through with her then-boyfriend and husband. She gave detailed descriptions of encounters with the man whom she called a pathological liar and got her to fall in love with him by love bombing her.

She said that he deceived her when it came to finances, his family, and his background. Johnson expressed her need to tell the story, saying “I just now felt comfortable to tell the story because, for the longest time, I was so embarrassed, beating myself up, a lot of shame and the fact that I allowed this person into my life. And so it was very important to me that if I’m going to heal, this is part of my journey.”

The viral series was popular as people jumped into her comments or shared her videos to talk about their own experiences on how they were deceived by people they were dating.

Johnson says that she met her husband who went by Legion on a dating app, they quarantined together during the pandemic, and things went from there. There were many red flags during the relationship, which she eventually ended because of all the lies she was uncovering.

This has prompted many people to look into how common it is for people to be deceived and scammed online especially when it comes to dating. Data from the Internet Crime Complaint Center has said that scamming online has been on the rise since the pandemic and many people are falling victim to the same sort of deceit.

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