Zelensky Pushes for a Long-Term Security Agreement with the US

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on August 31 that he expects his country and the United States to agree on a long-term security agreement, just like the one the US has with Israel. Zelensky explained that while those two nations don’t have any defense treaty, Washington provides Jerusalem with billions of dollars in military aid.

During an interview with Ukrainian media, Zelensky explained he would like to get this same model as soon as possible, so Kyiv has more chances to resist the “Russian aggression.” He also noted this model would benefit Ukraine as it would include not only weapons and military equipment but also technology and “finances.”

During a speech at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, former director for Ukraine at the US National Security Council Eric Ciaramella said that this deal wouldn’t give Ukraine the same security as a NATO member. However, he explained this would send a “clear message” to Russia, and turn Ukraine into one of the main partners of the United States in Eastern Europe if this agreement is materialized between Washington and Kyiv.

Far from being the first time Zelensky has delivered these types of comments, the Ukrainian president has already said in previous interviews he would like the Israeli model for his country. In 2022, the Ukrainian leader publicly said on two occasions this could set a “turning point” in the Russia-Ukraine armed conflict.

The Biden administration announced in August that US and Ukrainian officials were already negotiating this deal. According to a Newsweek report, a White House official told the media outlet that this bilateral security agreement between the two nations was formally supported by the Group of Seven nations during the NATO summit in Lithuania back in July.

Each of these countries pledged to formalize this commitment with Kyiv, so it can build a military force that is capable of defending the country and deter Russian aggression “in the future.”

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