2 Rockets Spotted Over Israel

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Palestinian terrorists shot two rockets from the Jenin area of the West Bank’s northern region toward Israel on June 26. This attack carries a symbolic element as this is the first time in nearly two decades that Palestinians deploy a terrorist operation against Israelis from this territory.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel Defense Forces told the media outlet that these rockets landed in the territory of the Palestine Authority. They also explained that one of the rockets fell nearly 262 feet away from the launch area while the other one fell 16 feet away. Despite this situation, the defense forces said no one was killed or injured, pointing out that these rockets didn’t represent a threat to civilians at any point. 

Another report from The Times of Israel said they were told by Israeli officials that the rockets didn’t have too much “destruction power” as they had limited capabilities. The media outlet also published a video from the Telegram account of the terrorist group Al-Ayyash Battalion launching the rockets against Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces said in a statement they sent the video to the Times of Israel. It also said that Israeli troops managed to locate the rocket launcher in the Nazlet Zeid village after watching the video from the terrorist group The statement pointed out that this village is located West of Jenin and “very close” to the Shaked settlement.

The Post explained that the terrorists who launched the rocket published warnings threatening “stronger” attacks in the future. Tthis isn’t the first time that the Al-Ayyash Battalion has published these types of threats against Israel; they published a similar note back in May.

The rocket attack happened the same day when the Israeli government approved plans to build new houses in West Bank’s Jewish settlements. This decision defied criticism among US Democrats who claimed this would raise tensions with the Palestinians.

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