Biden’s Alleged $5M Bribery Scheme Exposed

( – According to a Fox News Thursday report, a confidential source told the FBI that US President Joe Biden received $5 million from a Burisma executive. This is the natural gas company from Ukraine where his son Hunter Biden used to be a board member. The source revealed this information to the bureau during an interview in June 2020.

Fox News said that sources briefed the network on the details of the FBI-created FD-1023 form. This one described an alleged criminal bribery plan between the then-vice president Joe Biden and a foreign official that entailed influencing US policy decisions.

The form, dated June 30th, 2020, is the bureau’s interview with what they described as a “highly credible” source. This confidential informant detailed different reunions he or she had with one of the main executives of Burisma. The first meeting took place in 2015, and the last one in 2022. Fox News said in its report that while it hasn’t seen the form, several sources that watched the contents described them to the network.

According to the form, FBI a Burisma executive sought advice from a confidential source on getting involved in a US oil company and gaining oil rights. They discussed Hunter Biden’s role on the company’s board, and the executive allegedly said that he was nothing more than “a dumb.”

The executive also said that the Ukrainian company had to pay the Biden family because of an investigation conducted by Ukraine’s prosecutor Viktor Shokin. The confidential source suggested paying $50,000 each to the Bidens, but the executive allegedly said the correct amount was $5 million for each.

FBI agents usually use an FD-1023 form to record any unconfirmed information from confidential informants. This form is used to properly record information that an FBI agent received. However, recording that information doesn’t authenticate it or compare it to any other information that the bureau is aware of.

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