China Appears to Be Supplying Russia

( – According to a Telegraph August 20 report, the Chinese regime has been supplying drones, helicopters, and many resources to Russian defense contractors. The details revealed in the article contradict China’s claims of neutrality and refusal to help Russia in its invasion of Ukraine.

The report pointed out that Beijing has delivered nearly $200 billion to Russia’s defense industry through trade in 2023. The Telegraph said this is a record high for the Chinese regime, and noted it was surprising as the Asian giant’s trade with many other countries around the world has “fallen significantly.”

Apparently, some of the sanctioned Russian companies that have received shipments of materials or supplies in trade with China are manufacturers of strategic bombers, armored vehicles, and missile launchers. Different reports said these are some of the companies that are mostly involved in the invasion of Ukraine, as much of the Russian military equipment used in this armed conflict comes from these.

According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity, exports of military goods quadrupled in this fiscal year in comparison to the previous one. Those goods that are of civilian use are generally those that the Chinese regime is legally able to export to Russia during the armed conflict, considering that these don’t violate West sanctions.

A paper trail reviewed by the British newspaper found that helicopters were shipped from China to Moscow a couple of months after the invasion began. Another paper trail found 1,000 drones China sent to Russia through a toy wholesaler. However, the drones’ shipments to Moscow took place before the armed conflict.

The report also revealed that titanium alloy shipments to the Eurasian nation doubled this year in comparison to 2022. It also said that the Chinese regime has made nearly 600 shipments to one of the most important armored vehicle manufacturers of Russia, which has been sanctioned by Western governments after the invasion started.

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