Concerns Over Republican Laws To Tackle Social Media Bias

( – The United States Supreme Court has been doubtful of the conservative push to diminish liberal bias of social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Some of the arguments that were brought to the Supreme Court have said that Republican-led states are trying to curb Big Tech’s censorship of right-wing viewpoints. Tech industry large lobby groups are suing the state of Florida and the state of Texas over laws that regulate speech in the digital realm or on social media.

Joe Biden has been on the side of tech companies by saying that some of the regulations do go against Freedom of Speech, known as our First Amendment rights. Chief Justice John G. Roberrt Jr. also seemed to air on the side of the argument for First Amendment rights here.

Said Roberts, “I wonder since we’re talking about the First Amendment whether our first concern should be with the state regulating what we have called the modern public square…The First Amendment restricts what the government can do.”

Many spoke out about the laws and said that it goes against the First Amendment rights and if they have content moderation of their own then it should be no issue at all if they use it. Some even said that the law itself was going against the First Amendment. Many have fought against these laws and have found themselves trying to prove to the Supreme Court why these laws should be revoked from the states.

Florida and Texas both put this law in place after Facebook and X banned Donald Trump for his posts related to the January 6 Capitol Riot. As for now, the decision is on hold while the Supreme Court ruminates; the decision can be expected toward the end of June.

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