Experts Warn Social Security Scams are On The Rise

( – Over the last few months, an uptick in social security scams has been targeting older adults in the United States by fooling beneficiaries into thinking they are giving their personal data to the agency. The victims eventually discover they handed over their security numbers or even a certain amount of money they won’t recover. In case you want to know red flags you and your loved ones should watch out for there are some that are common and very used by fraudsters and scammers.

The first one is when you receive a phone call from the Social Security Administration, and the scammer asks for personal data or money after claiming they are part of the SSA. Criminals have been using this strategy so much that the Social Security Administration Office of the US Inspector General has released statements noting that these types of scams increased by nearly 62 percent in a year.

According to Scripps College’s Chair in Psychology Stacey Wood, another red flag that you can notice to detect impostors is when the person tells you your benefits have been suspended. Wood explained that one “notorious” red flag is when the “SSA” calls you unexpectedly, as the agency usually contacts all beneficiaries through the mail.

Another red flag that experts warn you to take a good look at is when the person who calls you says that the SSA is currently having a problem with your benefits. The claim is suspicious as the agency will always send letters explaining how to correct the problem and who you should contact.

A good way to protect yourself is by never revealing any personal data, as the agency will never ask you for sensitive information it already has on file. Certified national Social Security advisor in Detroit Kirsten Petersmarck pointed out you should always determine every bit personal data you have available online, as scammers and fraudsters can get access to it.

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