Galloway Predicts Trump Will Drop Out of Race – Here’s Why

( – NYU professor and podcaster Scott Galloway predicted on July 15 that former President Donald Trump will drop out of the presidential race. During the latest episode of the “Pivot” podcast with Kara Swisher, Galloway said Trump will take this step in exchange for a plea deal.

Following this comment, Swisher asked the NYU professor why he thought this could happen, arguing that she hasn’t heard political analysts “say that stuff.” Galloway said she was wrong as some commentators and political figures have suggested Trump might finally not run for president under the “auspices of a plea deal.” He told Swisher that even Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie has said “something similar.”

The NYU professor added that running for president and having such strong popularity represents a “leverage of power,” which he thinks Trump will use to reach a deal that includes “no jail time.”

Galloway also told Swisher that while the Department of Justice would believe this is “bad for America,” the agency will eventually accept this deal if Trump offers it. He explained that going to jail would represent a “death sentence” even if it is just “one year.” The NYU professor noted that no one of “this age” will ever recover from being in jail.

In April, the former president pleaded not guilty to charges brought by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in connection to the Stormy Daniels scandal. He was also indicted by the Department of Justice with 37 criminal counts related to his alleged mishandling of classified material. These counts included false statements, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and the willful retention of national defense information.

After hearing Galloway’s arguments, Swisher said that his remarks represented a “big prediction,” and insisted that she hasn’t heard similar comments so far.” The NYU professor explained that Trump would prefer going back to his “very nice life” instead of spending time in jail.

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