Georgia Sheriff Pleads Guilty to Assault

( – Bleckley County Sheriff Kris Coody pleaded guilty on August 21 to molesting Judge Glenda Hatchett. The arrest warrant pointed out that the plea came after she reported that the Georgia sheriff groped her while they were attending the Association’s winter meeting on January 18, 2022, at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Bar.

Apparently, the judge attended the conference as then-Dekalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown’s guest. He was the first to reveal the story during an appearance at WSB-TV in May 2022, where he said that the incident happened after he introduced Coody to Hatchet.

During the appearance at the outlet, Brown said that a couple of minutes after the introduction, he turned to his left to watch the two of them, when he saw Coody’s hand go down on Hatchett’s “left breast.” Brown added that as soon as he noticed the Bleckley County Sheriff doing that, he “grabbed his arm” and removed it from her chest. Finally, he said it all ended once he did that and aggressively asked Coody to leave Hatchett alone.

As reported by the Associated Press, Coody admitted to a misdemeanor charge of sexual battery, resulting in a year of probation, in addition to a $500 fine and the obligation to complete 400 community service hours. Media outlet 13WMAZ also noted that Coody was additionally sentenced to a drug and alcohol course along with a psychosexual evaluation.

In a statement sent to 12WMAZ, Coody confirmed his guilty plea and announced he decided to resign from his position as the Bleckley County Sheriff, which he held since 2017. He also said that while he had no intentions of touching Hatchett, he needed to take responsibility as he behaved in a “careless manner” with the judge.

During a press conference, Hatchett told reporters that she feels deeply affected by what happened. She explained she had to “file charges” against Coody as these types of acts need to be punished.

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