Illegal Immigration Named “Critical Threat” By Americans?!

( – A poll recently conducted showed that more than half of the Americans in the United States found that the immigration crisis is a “critical threat.”

The poll was conducted between February 1 and February 20 where over one-thousand people were polled through phone interviews. The poll found that overall, about 28% of Americans say that illegal immigration is the most important issue that the United States is facing at the moment. This is even compared to other potential issues like the government, inflation, and the economy.

It found that over half of American adults in the United States said that the large number of immigrants coming into the U.S. was a “critical threat.” Following this, 31% of Americans also said that the immigrant issue was an “important threat” while 14% of Americans said that it was a “not important” threat.

The Gallup poll comes right as immigration is in the spotlight for the upcoming election and as the United States battles an ever-growing immigration issue that’s gone on for a couple of years now.

Since Joe Biden took office, there have been millions of immigrant encounters at the border. The Southern border has faced the biggest issue, and there have been multiple record-breaking months when it comes to encounters, such as in December 2023 when over 300,000 encounters happened within just the month and 2 million encounters over the last year.

Many have said that with extra resources there could be potential to secure the border effectively, but without approval of these funds, nothing can be done. Congress has looked to find legislation that they can pass to the president’s desk regarding this as they look for solutions that have high chances of making it to approval.

This poll also comes not too long after confirmation of the suspect charged with murdering a 22-year-old nursing student from Georgia as the suspect was an immigrant from Venezuela.

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