Judges Being Prepped On How To Handle Global Warming Cases?

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(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to FOX News, a left-wing non-profit climate change group is silently preparing judicial judges on how to handle global warming cases.

A recent Climate Judiciary Project (CJP) was announced in 2018 which was a resource for judges to help provide the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding climate change. This particular project has come up a lot over the years in state, federal, and appellate courts and has even been used in high-profile cases with oil companies.

CJP commented on this by stating that judges will most likely encounter complex scientific and legal questions regarding global warming and other climate change situations.

“To address these issues, the Climate Judiciary Project of the Environmental Law Institute is collaborating with leading national judicial education institutions to meet judges’ need for basic familiarity with climate science methods and concepts,” it states on the website of the CJP.

They claim that their efforts are meant to provide, “neutral, objective information to the judiciary about the science of climate change as it’s understood by the expert scientific community.” Essentially saying that they are looking to educate judges so that they are prepared to answer any questions or take on any cases related to climate change or global warming.

The Climate Judiciary Project has crafted 13 curriculum modules, hosted 42 events, and has had over 1,700 judges participate in their activities. The Environmental Law Institute is another huge player in educating those about climate change. In 2022 alone, they held over 80 events that consisted of conferences, boot camps, and policy forums.

Many have spoken about the effects of climate change as well as the importance of education to properly handle legal cases associated with climate change. Others have mentioned the importance of “climate justice” which would argue that those of lower income are more susceptible to things like heat, flooding, and pollutants.

The Environmental Law Institute is fully associated with many important names like Sher Edling and foundations such as the Oak Foundation and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Their goal is to continue striving to educate judges to ensure they are properly trained for the future of law cases that will include climate change-related situations.

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