Knife Attack Leaves Multiple Dead At Chinese Kindergarten

( – A 25-year-old man assaulted on July 10 a private kindergarten in the Chinese southern province of Guangdong with a knife, causing chaos in the area. The attack represents the latest case in a string of knife and bomb attacks on different schools across China.

In a press conference, the Lianjiang government spokeswoman announced that three students, two parents, and one teacher were killed in the attack. The city police said in a statement that authorities captured the assailant, who they identified by the surname “Wu.” They added that he was taken into custody adding that authorities are investigating “every detail” of this case.

Chinese media outlets reported that the knife attack took place in a school near Hengshan, which is a small town that is administered by the municipal government of Lianjiang City. A local TV network interviewed a witness, who said that the assailant lost his child in a car accident last week. The report from this network suggested this could be a case of vendetta as one of the assailant’s victims was the driver of the car that killed his child.

Videos of this incident became viral on China’s social media, with users and numerous Chinese personalities expressing outrage over the killings. However, most of them were also expressing concern over the numerous attacks that have been occurring in some of the country’s biggest cities recently.

According to the BBC, there have been nearly 20 knife attacks in numerous colleges, universities, and schools in China since 2010. However, the British outlet reported that 60 percent of these cases happened over the last five years. One of the most famous cases involved an assailant who sprayed mortal chemicals into a classroom filled with over 50 children.

However, the most tragic incident happened in the city of Shaanxi in 2018, when a man who described himself as a former student went to a school and killed nine students. Authorities later revealed that each of the murders was committed with a knife and seven of the victims were girls.

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