Martin Wolf Wants Hillary Clinton Back, And Is Telling Everyone

( – The chief economist at the Financial Times, Martin Wolf, recently spoke with former secretary of state and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton about populist politics. They touched on misogyny faced by female leaders, the prospect of Joe Biden winning re-election next year, and Clinton’s optimism for a younger generation of voters. The show is the fourth installment in Wolf’s series entitled, “The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism,” which is also the title of his new book. 

The segment began with Wolf asking the question most Democrats love to answer: is democracy in trouble? Clinton unequivocally answered yes and claimed that the United States’ “democratic institutions [and] democratic values” are being assaulted. Many on the right would disagree with this statement and point to the weaponization of the Justice Department as they investigate and prosecute Trump in an effort to prevent him from becoming the next president. It was recently revealed that the Bidens were involved in a bribery scheme but no prosecutorial action has been taken against them.  

The conversation then turned to populism. Wolf explained it as a disliking for the elites and a belief in the anti-pluralist. Clinton observed that people just want to replace one set of elites with another, which prompted Wolf to agree and suggest that the elites in the U.S. “actually preserve our welfare and our freedom—for instance, the courts.”

Clinton then accused the right in the U.S. of having a long-term strategy to ideologically infect its democratic institutions. She alleged that the signing of the Civil Rights Act triggered an alliance between the racists and the right wing. Clinton then railed against rural Americans, suggesting that Trump tapped into an angst and anger against immigrants coming into the country illegally. 

“I mean, [immigration] is very threatening to a certain kind of American, primarily, but not exclusively in rural areas,” she said.

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