McCarthy Says Trump Is Stronger Now Than In 2016

( – House Speaker and California Republican Kevin McCarthy said during a June 27 interview with Breitbart he thinks former president Donald Trump is “stronger” than in 2016. McCarthy explained this is the reason why President Joe Biden is using his “weaponized federal government” to go after the Republican leader, who he described as his “strongest” political opponent.

He added that the mainstream media is trying to divide Trump from House Republicans. McCarthy explained this isn’t a coincidence as this comes at a moment they are trying to hold the DOJ accountable for benefiting the Biden family.

In one part of the interview, McCarthy pointed to a survey published by Morning Consult, showing for the first time Trump could beat President Biden. The poll revealed that 44 percent of 6,000 registered voters told the pollster they would support Trump if the Democratic nominee is President Biden. Only 41 percent said they would support the commander-in-chief in what could be a rematch of the 2020 presidential election.

The interview came after the House Speaker questioned  whether Trump was the best candidate to face President Biden. McCarthy explained that Republicans need to question themselves whether Trump is the strongest person to recover the White House in 2024. However, McCarthy noted that Trump’s policies are “better” than President Biden’s, pointing out that Trump is a good GOP candidate. He then said that “anybody” can defeat the commander-in-chief in an electoral event right now.

Following this appearance at CNBC, Trump, and his former White House adviser Steve Bannon criticized McCarthy, arguing that he suggested Trump wasn’t good enough. Bannon even claimed that the House Speaker was putting a “shiv” into the former president every time he could. He also said Trump should stop supporting McCarthy as the speaker.

So far, McCarthy hasn’t endorsed any Republican candidate in the party’s primary. However, the House Speaker has remained close to Trump after the former commander-in-chief left the White House in 2021.

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