Nevada Judge REJECTS Trump Ballot Challenge?!

La Habra, United States - July 8, 2016: Close up of Vote election buttons, with red, white, blue and stars and stripes. Donald Trump is the republican candidate for president in the United States

( – With the Trump ballot challenges surfacing across various states in the country, we’ve just gotten a verdict from Nevada.

John Anthony Castro has brought the lawsuit for Trump in many different states, including Nevada. This challenge says that Trump should be removed from the ballots due to the part that he played in the January 6th Capitol Building riot.

However, U.S. Court Judge Gloria M. Navarro denied the Trump ballot challenge stating that Castro’s argument “lacks standing.”

“This is a politically charged question of significant interest to the American public. For reasons discussed below, the Court finds that Castro lacks standing, and the Court therefore lacks jurisdiction to hear this case,” the judge said in response to the challenge.

She continues as she explains why this is the case. “To have standing to sue in federal court, a plaintiff must have suffered a concrete, particularized, and actual or imminent injury in fact that was caused by the defendant’s challenged conduct and is redressable by a favorable decision,” she said.

She ended her statement by saying, “This limitation on the judicial power prevents a plaintiff from invoking Article III jurisdiction of federal court by asserting what is merely a ‘general interest common to all members of the public.”

The ruling also noted that five other states have rejected Castro’s argument and lawsuit against Trump.

The judge also continues later on to say that the evidence “indicates that Castro is creating his own injury in order to manufacture standing to challenge Trump’s eligibility to run for president.” She also states that Castro and Trump are not even on the same ballot anyway and that Castro will be on the Nevada residential PP ballot and Trump will be on the Nevada caucus ballot.

Many different states are looking to take Trump off of the ballot and the court hearings for them are coming up. Maine recently decided to ban Trump off the ballot, while the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to take up Trump’s challenge to the Colorado ruling to take him off of the ballot.

Trump spokesperson, Steven Cheung, spoke out about the ballot changes saying, “President Trump remains undefeated in federal court against these cynical efforts to interfere in the 2024 election. Courts in eleven states have now dismissed similar, pathetic, 14th Amendment ballot cases.”

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