New York Iconic Hotel Quietly Changed to Migrant Shelter

( – A hotel in New York City’s Broadway district is being converted to a temporary migrant shelter and it’s being done under the radar. New York City is continuing to find ways to deal with the influx of migrants coming into their city, and these migrant shelters will be necessary to grapple with that.

The Square Hotel, which is across from the Broadway theater, has been silently housing migrants after it announced that it’d be closing down without an explanation. The Square Hotel’s Facebook page stated, “To our valued guests: it is with great sadness that we announce the Square Hotel will be closed for the foreseeable future. We appreciate your patronage and hope to welcome you back someday soon.”

Outside of the hotel now stands a Security Guard who is there to turn away people who are looking for a room for the night. The hotel stacked with one hundred and forty rooms sits close to Radio City Music Hall, and it’s a five-minute walk from Times Square, meaning it’s a pretty popular and well-seen hotel in the area.

The Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas said that the “lazy” hotel workers are taking the easy way out by having migrants pay them to stay there instead of letting tourists in.

“These hotels could be doing a fine tourist business right now, but they are being lazy, and a sure-thing 100-percent occupancy on the city dime, and without having to provide traditional hotel services, is just too good a deal to pass up,” Gelinas said.

There was a special that allowed viewers inside and showed the changes that now make the hotel unrecognizable. The ballroom is now a medical room, there are food and diapers in the lobby, and migrants are sleeping on the floor or lounging inside the building.

This is not the first shelter they’ve transformed as cities across the United States are spending millions to establish more shelters for migrants.

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