North Korea Vows To ‘Annihilate’ America

( – On June 24, the state-run North Korean Central News Agency reported different anti-American mass rallies across North Korea. These rallies were held to commemorate the “struggle against American imperialism day,” when regime leaders promised to “exterminate the enemy.”

According to the propaganda outlet, each province of North Korea held anti-American rallies, with numerous regime leaders showing their presence at these. Apparently, many of these officials claimed with tears in their eyes that “imperialist beasts” won’t be able to put North Koreans “on their knees.”

The Central News agency pointed out that the gatherings in the capital Pyongyang reached 120,000, representing one of the most crowded events in the country’s history. However, independent news outlets said that while the rallies did take place, it was impossible to determine the number of people who participated in them.

Different pictures of the rallies showed North Korean people holding threatening and aggressive signs against the United States. One of these said in red letters that the entire continental US was “within our range,” while another one said that America is the “destroyer of peace.” The pictures of both of these signs were taken in Pyongyang.

The propaganda outlet said that one regime leader told attendees that the North Korean military just created the “absolute weapon” to “punish” the United States. This leader said this weapon was necessary because of how Americans committed all types of violence against the “North Korean people” during the Korean War.

As reported by the New York Post, the “day of struggle” against American imperialism took place on the 73rd anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War. It was after that armed conflict that Korea was divided in two, with the North being ruled by a communist regime that still exists.

In 2019, former President Donald Trump decided to engage in disarmament negotiations with dictator Kim Jong Un. The former US commander-in-chief was criticized by many not only because no deal was reached but also because this was a propaganda boost for Kim.

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