Reno Air Race Crash Leaves 2 Pilots Dead

( – The Reno Air Racing Association announced on September 17 that two of its pilots were killed that day after their planes crashed. This accident took place as the pilots were landing during one of the most-watched air racing events in Reno, Nevada.

As noted by the association, the crash happened at 2:15 pm local time in what was described as a “landing accident.” This occurred during the National Championship Air Races, at the end of the T-6 Gold Race. According to the US Federal Aviation Administration, the two aircraft collided in mid-air. The National Transportation Safety Board eventually reported that the wreckage of the two planes ended up approximately half a mile apart from one another.

Different media outlets reported that the two pilots were eventually identified as Chris Rushing and Nick Macy. The air racing association said in a statement that both men were two of the most skillful professionals in the industry. It also pointed out that Macy and Rushing were great human beings and successful pilots who won the T-6 gold class. The Air Force described the T-6 as a single-engine propeller aircraft that is mainly used for training by the US Navy and Air Force.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that the pilots were the only persons on the planes, and that the accident had no other deaths or injuries. The Reno Air Racing Association noted that the rest of the races at the event were officially canceled.

The association’s chairman and T-6 class’ president Fred Telling said in a statement he felt heartbroken and “completely devastated” by what happened with the pilots. He explained that Rushing and Macy weren’t only some of the most important members of the National Championship Air Race, but also part of his family. He then said he sent his deepest condolences to their families and friends and to every single fan and spectator that have shown their support.

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