Seattle Cop Blasts City As She Quits

( – Seattle Police Lieutenant Jessica Taylor blasted the city Mayor Bruce Harrell and Police Chief Adrian Diaz on August 11, as she delivered a public statement after announcing her retirement. She criticized the two leaders as she blamed them for allowing the city to become a place of “anarchy and chaos.”

The retired officer told Diaz that the current state of the city and the police department is a “disgrace.” She also said that the “toxic mix” of his failed leadership, along with the prosecutor’s office’s leniency and the mayor’s “spinelessness” made Seattle hit “rock bottom.” After that, Taylor wrote that while is true that the city was facing many problems before Diaz, she said everything got worse since he became the Police chief.

In another part of the statement, Taylor said the Seattle police department was a “circus” that was being run by “boisterous clowns.” The retired officer blamed Diaz for stripping away officers’ motivation, and accused him of never caring about other officers’ welfare and being a bootlicker who was always interested in “playing political games.”

Additionally, Taylor accused Seattle’s officials of being more interested in far-left politics than in the safety of Seattle residents. She said this was a terrible mistake as it resulted in the so-called Emerald City becoming a “playground” for criminals and “anarchists.”

The retired officer also noted that the city council lost “touch with reality” and is taking a series of decisions that are against “basic logic” and “common sense.” She added that the council’s main priority is pandering to “radical ideologies,” and pointed out they are “unconcerned” with the consequences of these actions.

According to different reports, the retired officer suffers from trigeminal neuralgia. She has hinted this may be a side effect of the high amount of stress she has suffered after working under these types of conditions. Taylor has also claimed she was sidelined without pay for not getting vaccinated.

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