Ted Cruz Demands Investigation Into Biden Corruption

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz urged Congress on June 25 to look into impeaching US President Joe Biden. In his podcast, Cruz said this was the proper step to take after one IRS whistleblower on the Hunter Biden investigation told Congress that Hunter Biden invoked his father to pressure and threaten a Chinese business partner. The whistleblower added this happened through WhatsApp messages in 2017, pointing out that then-vice President Biden was next to his son while this was happening.

When one user asked at what point Republicans could start impeachment efforts regarding the legal issues and probe about Hunter Biden, Cruz said “Right now.” He explained that the messages between Hunter Biden and Harvest Fund Management CEO Henry Zhao are evidence of Joe Biden “abusing his government power” to “enrich” himself and his son.

Cruz also explained that one of the worst aspects of this scandal is how the IRS whistleblower claimed that Attorney General Merrick Garland prevented the probe “even into these messages.”

Garland refuted these allegations during a June 23 press conference, where he said that the whistleblower’s accusations represented an attack on democracy. That same day, reporters asked National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby whether the WhatsApp exchange undermined President Biden’s claims that he didn’t know about his son’s overseas activities. Kirby said he wasn’t going to “comment on that.”

Cruz, who is a member of the upper chamber’s Judiciary Committee, explained that if the US had a Democrat who cared about the rule of law, things would be different. He said it’s “astonishing” how Americans are not watching Garland sitting under oath in front of the committee, dissembling about this WhatsApp exchange.

Cruz also said that the WhatsApp messages between Hunter Biden and Zhao tie President Biden to China’s “millions of dollars.” While he explained it’s possible that Hunter Biden was lying in the messages, Cruz said Americans will never know as the whistleblower claimed they were prohibited from investigating.

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