Trump DEMANDS Release of Jailed Capitol Riot Supporters?

Area Closed - Capitol Building, Washington D.C. - Security Risk Post January 6th Riot

( – With the third anniversary of the January 6 Capitol riot having recently passed, we’ve seen a lot of news coverage regarding Trump’s indictment and charges in connection to that day. Just recently he has requested the release of everyone jailed due to the Capitol Riot.

On Saturday, in Clinton, Iowa during a campaign he called the jailed supporters “hostages.” “I call them hostages. Some people call them prisoners,” Trump said. “They’ve suffered enough.” He continued, saying that he “got indicted because I challenged the crooked election.”

Over 1,200 people have been charged with crimes associated with the riot with over 900 of those charged pleading guilty. The FBI and other law officials are still looking for more people who may have been involved, while also still actively dealing with cases involving those who were convicted for participating in the riot.

Trump has consistently pushed back and fought the officials throughout his own trial and his supporter’s trials as well. However, Trump is still leading the way as the election quickly approaches with two rivals following behind him. Trump will continue campaigning in Iowa with their state primary approaching on January 15th.

People are still feeling the effects of the Capitol riot even 3 years later and many police officers who worked at the Capitol building that day have spoken out about how horrific and scary the events were.

A recent MSNBC host, Jonathan Capehart, recently shed tears during an interview with a police officer who was working that day during the Capitol riot.

The search for more Capitol riot criminals continues as the Justice Department recently put out a statement stating that they were continuing to look for Capitol riot offenders. This is all while Trump still faces his own charges and risks being omitted from some state ballots due to his role in the Capitol riot events of January 6, 2021.

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