Trump Links Hunter Corruption To Chinese Spy Base

( – On June 24, Former President Donald Trump linked  new revelations about China’s efforts to build an espionage station in Cuba to Hunter Biden’s business dealings. During a speech at Washington’s Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority gala, Trump reacted to the WhatsApp messages between Hunter Biden and Harvest Fund Management CEO Henry Zhao.

About this exchange, Trump said he didn’t know that the president’s son “was that tough.” He then said it wasn’t a coincidence that ten days after those messages the Biden family got $5.1 million from China. Trump accused the Bidens of taking “tens of millions of dollars” and suggested this is the reason why President Joe Biden isn’t “complaining” about the spy base in Cuba.

After that, the former president said that President Biden was a “compromised president” and even suggested that his administration’s policies were influenced by these business dealings. During his speech at the gala, he said this situation is “100 times bigger than Watergate.” Trump claimed this is the reason why President Biden doesn’t care about the Chinese station on the Caribbean Island.

According to one of the IRS whistleblowers, the agency obtained WhatsApp in 2017 and it determined that Hunter Biden used his father to pressure Zhao. In one message, Hunter Biden told Zhao that he was sitting with then-vice-president Joe Biden and asked him why the “commitment hasn’t been fulfilled.” Hunter Biden also ordered Zhao to “tell the director” to resolve the “commitment” as soon as possible before “it gets out of hand.”

In another message, Hunter Biden threatened Zhao to use his father’s powers against him if anyone other than he or “the chairman” called him. According to one of the IRS whistleblowers, an account linked to the president’s son received over $5 million days after the WhatsApp exchange.

Over the last few days, the Biden administration has downplayed reports that Beijing and Havana have reached a deal to create the espionage facility. White House officials have said this is an ongoing issue that started during the previous administration.

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