Whistleblower Accuses Bidens Of Having Secret China Meeting

(AmericanProsperity.com) – On Thursday the Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee released the redacted transcripts from two IRS whistleblowers who described how the Justice Department slow-walked and obstructed the years-long investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals.

Earlier in the week, the committee voted to publicly release the transcripts, with every Democrat member voting no.

In his testimony, IRS criminal investigator Gary Shapley described the timeline of the investigation in detail and provided evidence showing the times the Justice Department, particularly Assistant US Attorney Leslie Wolf, slow-walked or obstructed search warrants, witness interviews, and other investigative tools. 

Additionally, Shapley read into the record a transcript of a WhatsApp message Hunter Biden sent to Chinese businessman Henry Zhao on July 30, 2017.

In his message, Hunter said he was “sitting here with my father” waiting for Zhao to call him to explain why the “commitment” made between Hunter and Chinese energy company CEFC had not yet been “fulfilled.”

Hunter said if he didn’t hear from Zhao, “the man sitting next to me” (AKA his father), and “every person he knows” will make sure that Zhao “will regret not following my direction.”

In his testimony, the second unnamed IRS whistleblower confirmed the details of the WhatsApp message.

New York Times reported Kenneth Vogel noted on Twitter that less than two weeks after that WhatsApp message, a subsidiary of CEFC wired two payments totaling $5.1 million to bank accounts linked to Hunter Biden

Shapley also revealed that Hunter’s associate Rob Walker told the FBI that Joe Biden had attended meetings where Hunter met with officials from CEFC.

According to Shapley’s testimony, AUSA Wolf blocked search warrants for a storage unit belonging to Hunter Biden and for Joe Biden’s Delaware home where Hunter was living at the time. Worse still, prosecutors gave Hunter’s legal team a heads-up about the storage unit.

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