White House Press Secretary Under Fire For Avoiding Interview Questions

Briefing of president of US United States in White House. Podium speaker tribune with USA flags and sign of White House.

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press Secretary, has recently been exposed for answering minimal questions regarding the scandals and corruption of the U.S. President, Joe Biden. It’s said that she only answered eight questions regarding the subject across multiple briefings.

A Media Research Center analyst, Bill D’Agostino, exposed the results of a recent study. He said, “Of the 337 scandal-related questions that White House reporters asked, Jean-Pierre provided a definitive answer to just eight of them. This figure tracks very closely with our findings from the first half of 2023, in which the Press Secretary answered only six out of 252 questions.”

The reporters did focus heavily on asking Jean-Pierre questions about Biden’s supposed mishandling of classified documents. They asked a total of 220 questions about this, but Jean-Pierre only answered 5 of them.

The press was not interested in any other subject except these accusations. That said, there were only 30 questions in total regarding the bag of Cocaine that was found in the White House on July 2nd. Jean-Pierre only gave a real response to one question regarding the Cocaine. Now the case for the Cocaine is closed without any suspect.

Jean-Pierre was also said to have been determined not to answer questions that had anything to do with the Biden family’s financial situation and accusations.

Many people have spoken out about Jean-Pierre’s refusal to answer questions and how suspicious it is. Brent Bozell, a Media Research Center analyst said, “The leftist media hacks don’t even cover when their own reporters ask Karine tough questions. That’s how corrupt the pro-Biden press are.”

With this being said, many have caught on to Biden’s lack of presence in interviews compared to prior presidents. This is also true when it comes to press conferences, which he has had very few of.

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