Amazon’s AWS to Double Down on Singapore with Large Cloud Investment

( – Amazon Web Services is investing an additional twelve billion Singapore dollars over the next five years, which will go directly to growing its cloud infrastructure and other Amazon services in Singapore.

The country manager of AWS Singapore, Priscilla Chong, said, “The investment will go into the construction and build-up of the DC capabilities, all associated with the Asia-Pacific Singapore region.”

Over a decade ago, Amazon launched its first Asia-Pacific region in Singapore, which also was its first region outside of the United States and Europe.

Said Chong, “Starting with our investment in Singapore in 2010, AWS has continued to strengthen their commitment to the ASEAN region, sharing the uplift [in] digital skills across the nations, providing secure and resilient infrastructure consistently across the region.”

Chong continued to say that the firm has over four hundred thousand people in Singapore in their cloud skills area and that they will “continue investing in upskilling and improving productivity.”

The surge in artificial intelligence has left a huge demand for cloud computing services and data centers.

The senior minister of state at Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information, Tan Kiat How, said, “Cloud service providers like AWS play an important role in improving the digital economy ecosystem. Besides being a foundational digital infrastructure for organizations, cloud service providers enable enterprises to easily access digital resources like compute and storage, as well as advanced capabilities like AI and generative AI.”

Many technology companies are joining in and moving their facilities or investing in other areas as experts have said that there aren’t enough tech professionals in Singapore or across the globe in general.

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